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We are Outside-In Integrated Brand Partners for those who have the zeal to win and the power to lead.

Get rid of writing arduous
briefs for multiple agencies

Fix the black hole in your
Marketing Wallet

Say no to the same Cut,
Copy, Paste Templates

Give your brand & business
a faster update

Get rid of writing arduous
briefs for multiple agencies.

Fix the black hole in your
Marketing Wallet.

Say no to the same Cut,
Copy, Paste Templates.

Give your brand & business
a faster update.

What we are best at

Conscious Communications with Connected Communities

What does this even mean?

We live in an agile, digitally connected world that is full of many choices. No one is the “only one” anymore. It’s time to drop these jargons and refresh the copy.

Let’s move upstream. It’s time to drop the filters, take a closer look at the Product and Service Architecture and white-board to plot answers to some hard questions is the Brand Relevant and is there a signal that is worth transmitting?

How do we make the brand relevant (to begin with) and most importantly, distinct despite and amidst the noise?

Herein lies Our Expertise

We got The Egg and The Chicken.

Creating Distinct Brand Identity and Positioning.

As Product and Brand Architects we work with our client partners to give form to the Product and Build Brand Identity. Our Product-first approach helps in creating a unique position for a purpose-driven brand.

Leverage our expertise for:

We help you Turn Big with Small Bytes.

Optimizing Marketing ROI.

We convert Marketing Analytics Data into Actionable Information and Channelise carefully crafted messages via the right mediums to reach and influence targeted audiences.

Leverage our expertise to:

Helping you fly higher altitudes.

Defining, Designing and Building Digital Experiences.

We build the force that propels your growth. Irrespective of the industry vertical, we believe everyone is in the business of ”engaging customers”. B2B or B2C we have the ability to identify, define and design how different stakeholders can stay truly connected with the brand. Afterall, leads sans conversions doesn’t mean much, does it?

Leverage our expertise to:

What we are hired for

Our strategic Methodology

We are valued by

Annapurna College of Film and Media

Revolutionary Film and Media Educationists providing Hands-on training to aspiring filmmakers – via hands-on In Studio Training and uniquely created Digital Learning Programs.

Areas of Engagement:

Did we make a difference to the business?

We love working with NeuroJava. Archana & team have taken our brand credibility and visibility to the next level . NeuroJava has put processes in place that measure and deliver all it’s promises without missing the Mark!

Amala Akkineni

StratMed Services Pvt. Ltd.

India’s largest group purchasing organisation for consumables including medicines, helping hospitals improve margins.

Areas of Engagement:

Did we make a difference to the business?

Archana/NeuroJava have been involved with StratMed from the very first communication onwards.

Archana brings in an Outside in perceptive to the business and at the same time behaves as part of the team at StratMed. The marketing/communication handled by her is very business oriented and “connected” to the core belief of the organization. The work she does has a class, finesse and attention to details which not too many can do. I define her work as “Connected Communications”.

Will recommend her work without thinking twice.

Dr. Sameer A Khan
Founder & CEO

Thynk Blynk Technologies PTE

Data-Interchange and Blockchain-Powered Product Leader with global presence in USA, UK, EU, UAE, India, Malaysia and Singapore.

Areas of Engagement:

Did we make a difference to the business?

Archana & Team NeuroJava are not the usual run-of—the-mill Digital Media company. Their key value lies in the manner they quickly internalized our complex context, integrated seamlessly with our management team and continually work with us taking end-to-end ownership of things – Communication, UX Design, Product Positioning and more. In a short time NJ have proven to be fantastic partners creating outcomes fully aligned with our business needs.

Parag Jain
Co-Founder & CEO

Roll on Road

India’s First Fully-Convergent Digital & Physical Demand Fulfilment and Delivery Platform for E2E Road Freight Transport.

Areas of Engagement:

Did we make a difference to the business?

NeuroJava has been brilliant in giving shape to our thoughts along with mission and vision of Roll On Road in impactful manner on companies website and Investor deck. Archana and her team has been thorough professional in helping RoR reach out to wider audience through their work. We recommend NeuroJava for their work.

Ganesh Sharma

QuNu Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Global Front-Runner in Quantum-Safe Data Security Products.

Areas of Engagement:

Did we make a difference to the business?

I was looking for a boutique consulting company for my Investment deck when I happened to see the work that was done by Neurojava consulting for a friend’s company. I liked the work and specially the crispness of the messaging and reached out to Archana.
Archana was quick to understand our offering, differentiation and positioning and came up with an exciting artifact which is resonating well with the audience.

Sunil Gupta
Co-Founder and CEO

Powered by Professionals rooted in strong work ethos and well-honed experience

Global Brand & Corporate Communications Expertise

Engaged with global companies like Microsoft, Vodafone, GE Capital, Dr. Reddy’s, Mytrah Energy, Indian School of Business, Tata Teleservices, Tech Mahindra to name a few.

Start-up Product, Brand & Digital Interface Leadership

Experience in Building Digital Interface Architecture Principles, User Journey Framework & giving form to the Product through engaging UI & UX.

Brand Positioning for Investor Outreach & Communications

Experience in Start-up Fund Raising & Communicating with Investors, Financial Media and Analysts Ability to distill Financial Information, align with Business Dynamics & leverage upon strengths to build Corporate Positioning.

Revenue & Transactional Growth Ownership

Experience in taking P&L Ownership & delivering Top-Line Growth & Profitability in a tough environment.

Archana Gandhi


An established global woman leader who has played an integral role in building products and brands in a digital world. Archana aims to help companies carve a distinct brand position enabling them to engage deeply and widely with their stakeholders.

She brings to the table close to 19 years of experience in engaging with Founders and C-Suite Leaders across global brands like Microsoft IDC, Vodafone, GE Capital, Dr. Reddy’s, Mytrah Energy, Indian School of Business, Tata Teleservices, Perot Systems (Dell), Tech Mahindra in her role as Managing Partner, Genesis Burson-Marsteller (now Genesis BCW). She has also led Marketing, Brand Communications and Digital Interface for CallHealth – a digital healthcare company.

A P&L leader with successful track record in new customer acquisition across diverse industry verticals, top line growth, profitability in a tough environment, Archana has the ability to work and lead teams across multi-cultures, cross borders, start ups, global companies and cross functional teams seamlessly.

An alumnus of London School of PR and certified in Green Belt Six Sigma (GE certified), she has also donned the hat of a Diversity Champion in organisations fostering Inclusion at work place and mentoring diversity talent to engage, empower and grow.

Shubhi Agarwal

Digital Marketing Strategist

Digital Marketing Expert who have over the last 6 years worked with several brands across sectors such as Travel, Renewable Energy, Real Estate, Healthcare, Beauty and Cosmetics, Education, Entertainment and various e-commerce brands. 

She combines the power of Brand Communications with Digital Marketing Tools to help brands reach and engage with a wider network of customers.

Be it programmatic marketing, social listening or retargeting, Shubhi works with Brand Leaders and Marketing teams to achieve business goals.

Vinod Bhargav / Rocky

Brand and Digital Interface Design

Vinod Bhargav (Rocky as we love to call him) is a Creative Genius who understands the nuances of building a Customer Interface that is visually engaging and helps brands establish a unique brand style and identity.

He has over 10 years of experience in the field of Design, Branding and UI/UX. An Engineer by Qualification and a Graphic & Visual Arts Designer by Choice, Rocky helps give brands their form.


Digital Technologist

Viknesh is Digital Marketing Technologist who understands that building a Digital Interface requires a lot more than writing a code. Its about giving form to design and enabling user experience that is simple and seamless. He pays attention to every minor detail and ensures his builds are clean & functional. His ability to understand design and skill in blending design with development makes it possible for us to create and deliver unique digital experiences.

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